5 Great Golf Resorts In Florida

There are more than 20 popular golf resorts in Florida and even more when we look at smaller or lesser popular golf resorts. It is not only difficult but extremely tricky to pick only 5 great golf resorts in Florida. However, here are 5 great golf resorts in Florida in no specific ranking order.

PGA National Resort And Spa

A golf resort should be primarily and predominantly golf oriented. The maximum focus should be on the sport and that is where the PGA National Resort and Spa excels. However, it wouldn’t be accurate to not mention their other services. It is extremely friendly not just to you but to an entire family. Their golf courses, accommodation and recreational facilities are certainly among the very best maintained and well serviced in all of Florida.

Marriott Sawgrass Resort and Spa – Ponte Vedra Beach

Not many golf resorts manage to offer the most ambient and scintillating setting for a perfect round of golf. The sun and the sand, lush green landscaping with the natural magnolias coupled with the pleasing breeze that sweeps through the premises almost all day are conducive to have one of the best golf resort stays ever. They have several official claims to satiate you completely and anyone visiting there would not be disappointed.

Doral Golf Resort and Spa, Miami, Florida

Doral Golf Resort and Spa is home to as many as five championship golf courses. It is a favorite among the professionals and you might catch up with some of them if you are lucky on your visit. The vast courses, green stretches of grass that would resemble the finest carpet, the restaurants and kids friendly amenities make Doral infectious.

Hammock Beach Resort, Palm Coast, Florida

The golf courses at the Hammock Beach Resort can host championships and do host them for that matter but for a change you would be in love with the associated facilities and services. The spa, exclusively fine dining experiences and the spoils of world class amenities would leave an indelible impression on anyone. The quality of accommodation at Hammock Beach Resort is among the finest golf resorts in the world.

Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes

Ritz Carlton is often associated with everything that is larger than life. The same goes with their golf resort in Orlando. An 18-hole championship golf course, 40,000 sq ft of a grand spa and facilities for personal and business needs make it an iconic destination for golfers and families alike.

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