A Senior’s Guide To Miami


With the humidity due to subside from South Florida in the next month or two, and the temperatures up north dues to slide in tandem with that trend, Miami will soon be a desirable place to visit again for many snowbirds. Having been around as long as you have, you know as well as we do that when demand is low, so are the prices.

So while everybody else is still busy enjoying the pleasures of summer, take an hour out of yours to plan your winter escape to Miami. Taking the time to do so now takes the added stress out of doing it later, so you can get back to enjoying what is left of the season up here while others have that nagging feeling at the back of their minds that they should be doing what you just proactively did.

Before you book anything though, you’ll need to at least have an idea of what you’ll get up to once you’re there. We got that base covered for you … below, you’ll find a senior’s guide to Miami so you can start planning your itinerary for your wanderings around one of the greatest southern cities in the United States.

Luxurious and comfortable hotels

Most hotels that you’ll want to book in Miami will actually be on the barrier island east of downtown Miami in the geographically separate city of Miami Beach. Along the seaward shores of this resort city, you can find hotels that start at $91 for three star accommodation, with most prices of reasonably comfortable and amenity-abundant hotels ranging between $150 to $200 a night.

A rising cultural scene

While you won’t find much in the way of culture in Miami Beach, back across the causeway in Miami proper, a revolution has been transforming its creative landscape in recent years. The Perez Art Museum (formerly the Miami Art Museum) reopened after an extensive renovation, with a company like Peter W Smith Construction, revamped its architecture, creating a venue worthy of works from around the world, not to mention the outstanding works of local artists. A new science museum is expected to open alongside the Perez in Museum Park in 2015, making this spot in Miami a noteworthy spot for cultural aficionados.

A bird told me there’s beaches here … swell beaches

Have we mentioned that there was beaches in the Miami area? Apparently there are, and some of the best ones are within steps of the hotels that you likely check in to back over in Miami Beach. South Beach is the social activity hub of the area, while those looking for a quieter stretch can find it in the north near Bal Harbor.

Eats and treats

There are many options for those that are looking for places to graze on quality American and international cuisine in Miami. From Cubano and Haitian food that is in plentiful supply on the mainland, to fine dining downtown and along Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, your choices will be plentiful on any given night.

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