About Us


You’ve spent your entire life playing by the rules, working hard, and socking away all the money you know you’d need to spend a comfortable retirement.  One that you’ve truly earned.

However, after that first week of sweet, glorious freedom from your boring, monotonous job, you find that your retired life at home is … boring and monotonous.  Great.

Then you realized all those dreams and promises you had and made to yourself and your spouse that you would get out there and see the world, once you had done the responsible thing and ensured that your golden years were fully funded.  In a single moment, you realize it’s time to get out and see all the magnificent sights you had fantasized about all those years.

But where to start?  What to see?  Where to stay? All these simple yet all-consuming questions have gotten you stuck in a rut.

This is where our site, Senior Travel Guide, comes into play.

We profile all the hot travel destinations for you, showing you where all the intriguing monuments and museums are.  We lead you to their cultural highlights, so you won’t miss world elite symphony orchestra, or a well-regarded theatre district.

You’ve spent a great deal of time on this Earth, and by now, you have discerning tastes in food, with a budget to match.  No problem.  We also profile the best higher end dining available in cities across the globe.  And when it comes time to lay your head down for the evening, trust us to profile hotels that will cater to your need for comfort and convenience.

At the same time, the reality of being an older adult means that health becomes more of an issue compared to your earlier years.  To that end, turn to us for information on how to enjoy your destination without fear of any potential problems ruining the fun.  At the same time, being older isn’t necessarily a reason to slow down by itself. Follow this blog for tips on activities that you can pursue that involve more than pointing a camera.

Let us know what you think!  Send us your feedback via our Twitter account and free to leave a comment there.

Happy travels and remember: age is never an excuse to not see the world!