Best Theatre Venues Across The Globe


These days, it seems the art of entertainment has been lost amidst all the explosions and tenuous plot devices of the blockbuster films that clog multiplexes everywhere. You yearn for the golden days of when the best performing arts exhibitions in the world were played out on the stage, live in from of the eyes of an expectant audience.

Everything was more real, stakes were higher, and impromptu surprises in the heat of the moment gave these plays and musicals an edge that simply can’t be found with all the computer graphics and multiple takes that go into moviemaking in this day and age. Fortunately, you are not the only one who feels this way.

While they don’t carry as big a profile as they did a generation or two ago, theatres can still be found throughout the world for those that seek the rawness of a live performance. Some drip with history, mystique and atmosphere though, and as such, they simply must be experienced by fans of this medium when they are on holiday.

The following three theatres fit this profile to a “T”, and should be not be missed if at all possible. Let’s start with a big one…

1) Globe Theatre, London, England

Being the home theatre of one of the best known playwrights in the history of English literature, the Globe Theatre put on its first performance of Shakespeare’s many tales of morality, comedy, and drama in 1599.

The original building burnt down after a cannon blast during a production of Henry VIII set its timbers ablaze, and the 2nd iteration crumbled before the intolerance of Puritan fundamentalists, as it was torn down in 1644. The 3rd and present build was conceived and constructed in 1970, and since then, the Bard’s plays have lived on once more in a building remade as close to the original as possible.

2) Herodes Atticus, Athens, Greece

Another theatre rebuilt in the fashion of a old classic house of the performing arts, the present version of Herodes Atticus only dates from the 1950’s, but its design was faithful to the original layout of the Greek amphitheatre, which existed from the 2nd century BCE, only to be destroyed a century later.

Set in the outdoors in the midst of the Acropolis, this marble venue allows perfect sight lines and excellent acoustics throughout the facility, making it the perfect place to rest during your sightseeing adventures in Athens, all while soaking up some culture in the process.

3) Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Speaking of sound quality, those seeking a theatre delivers pin drop precision with regards to its acoustics will want to take in a show at Teatro Colon, located in the middle of Argentina’s artistically inspired capital, Buenos Aires. Architects took 28 years to get everything perfect, a length of time that not only insured the building’s superior sound projection, but also its highly inspired interior design.

Many come to view the decadent furnishings found within without seeking a performance, that that wouldn’t be seizing the day, now would it? As such, events are scheduled consistently throughout the year, so seeing a play, opera or musical shouldn’t be a problem on your trip to Buenos Aires.


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