Bound for Boston: Trip Ideas for Seniors

If you are a retired senior who wants to hit the open road cross country to a great vacation destination, then you should know about all the amazing things to do in Boston, USA. This historic and famous city has so much to offer, from historic sightseeing tours to some of the country’s best eateries and museums, and all without placing a strain on you or your budget.

Not only are there affordable guided tours that will take you right from your hotel to some of the most famous locales in the city, but they will allow you to travel in comfort and style while you see everything this quaint city has to offer.

If you have never visited Boston before, it is a perfect destination for traveling seniors. There is a great deal of public transportation available that is affordable and easily accessible, such as the trolleys, buses, and the “T” train. There are many tours that cater especially to seniors and offer comfortable transportation and a pace that isn’t rushed or too strenuous.

If you want to truly travel in style, there are even buses that offer food, drink, and entertainment until you reach your sightseeing destination, and they make stops at places such as historic Fenway Park, the amazing Fanneuil Hall Marketplace, Quincy Market, Old North Church, the famous battle site of Bunker Hill, Boston Common, the Kennedy Library, and the picturesque North shore area of Massachusetts, just to name a few.

If you enjoy American history and the events of WWII, then you might enjoy the Boston Duck Senior Tour. You can choose from either a one or two-day tour, which includes a splashdown in the Charles River in an amphibious vehicle. Both tours include breakfast, lunch, a visit to the SkyWalk Observatory, Faneuil Hall, and the amazing J.F.K. Library and Museum.

If you love Boston’s rich history of brewing, then a tour of Boston’s breweries should not be missed. From the Samuel Adams brewing company and beyond, you can sample different malts and observe the brewing process, along with learning about Boston’s involvement in making beer one of America’s most beloved beverages. The tours are set at an easy pace, so it will not be difficult to keep up with the group or the guide. With so many things to do in Boston, USA, a trip to this historic and delightful city should be on top of the list of places to visit for your next vacation.

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