Can’t miss attractions to see on a visit to Toronto

There are many attractions to see on a visit to Toronto

Of all the cities in Canada, Toronto is by far the most prominent. An important centre of culture, media, industry, and commerce, it is a city that has been known by many to be ‘New York City run by the Swiss’.

While it isn’t quite that boring, Toronto is a safe, well-organized city to visit, and with 2017 marking Canada’s 150th anniversary, there has never been a better time to make a trip north of the border.

There are several attractions to see on a visit to Toronto that you shouldn’t miss; in this article, we’ll share our favourites.

1) CN Tower

Start your trip to Toronto by visiting the CN Tower. The most visible of its landmarks and the world’s tallest freestanding structure until the Burj Khalifa usurped the title in 2010 (it is still the tallest in the Western Hemisphere), it grants a view of the Greater Toronto Area that is nothing short of spectacular.

For around $20 CAD, you’ll board a speedy elevator which will take you to its lofty observation deck, which comes complete with a restaurant, glass floor, and (if you dare) an EdgeWalk.

This latter attraction allows you to walk along the top of the Skypod’s roof. You are tethered to a safety rail, so go ahead and live life on the wild side.

However, know that the weather doesn’t always cooperate in Toronto. Sometimes, a cloudy day can obscure the view beneath the observation deck, making it advisable to put off your trip to this attraction until skies are clear.

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2) Royal Ontario Museum

A visit to the Royal Ontario Museum is another rainy day activity worth considering, as its world-renowned collection of art, natural historical, and human historical artifacts will keep you engaged and entertained for hours.

With six million pieces to discover, there is something in here for everyone. Dinosaur fossils, asteroid fragments, and First Nations art are just a few examples of what you can find here.

3) St. Lawrence Market

Love farm-fresh food? Be sure to drop by St. Lawrence Market. While the south building is open everyday (excluding Mondays), the farmer’s market adds even more life to this neighbourhood hub on Saturdays, starting at 5 am.

120 vendors pedal everything from artisanal cheese to seasonal fruits and vegetables, all of it locally produced.

Sundays are antique days at the North Market, so if you are looking for a unique souvenir, be sure to browse the stalls of numerous local restorers and crafters on this day.

4) Hockey Hall of Fame

Pay homage to Canada’s favourite game by visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame. Dedicated to the history of ice hockey and telling the stories of its greatest athletes, coaches, and builders, those who enjoy this sport will adore this place, as will those looking to learn about it.

While there are plenty of exhibits chronicling the achievements of past NHL greats, there are sections dedicated to international hockey, and woman’s achievements. If you are up for it, the ‘be a player’ allows you to try certain aspects of the game, like shooting a puck.


Photo courtesy Benson Kua on Flickr

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