Classic Cafes In Paris


Paris is a city commonly associated with living the fine life, and it’s not hard to see why.  With countless art museums, fine restaurants, and an atmosphere conducive to lovers, merely existing in this place is enough to make one feel content with themselves.

A common activity among the French that furthers this love affair with life is sitting at a café, preferably outside during the warmer months of the year, and watching this cities’ fabulous people stroll by all day, all while enjoying a strong cup of coffee along with a delectable bakery treat. Once done with Paris you may be looking for a different kind of slice, say one of the French Riviera.

When you visit France’s first city, take some time out of your sightseeing schedule to experience some of the classic cafes that the City of Lights has to offer.  The following three institutions should prove to be great starting points on your day off…

1) Café De La Paix

This place has been wrapped up in so much history and culture over the years that the French government recognized Café De La Paix with special heritage status in 1975. With ornately designed architectural features inside and out, the place has more of a museum feel than a culinary venue.

While you are able to get a coffee here, it is far more popular as a house of gastronomic delights and as a lounge.  With Charles Garnier’s Opera House lying across the plaza from this institution, it makes it an excellent start or end to an evening enjoying the finer points of Parisian life.

2) Les Deux Magots

Once a joint where artistic luminaries such as Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway hung out and discussed their work back in their day, Les Deux Magots occupies a prominent place even in this modern day with the upper classes of Paris and equally well-heeled tourists.

Watch as intellectuals arrive here to read the paper and enjoy a café crème, and the exquisite citizenry of Saint-Germain as they pass by. We recommend trying the house hot chocolate, served in the fashion that it always has been served for countless years.

3) La Closerie Des Lilas

This gorgeous café had long been a favourite of artists like Oscar Wilde, and for good reason.  As a staunch believer of living in the moment, he enjoyed its many perks, such as the pinao bar, and its top-shelf cuisine.  During the day, the café serves up perky coffee concoctions, while at lunch and dinner, the latest in French food is complimented by its ageless classics.

When It Comes To Food, The French Do It Best

No visit to Paris can be considered complete without sampling its fine foods in establishments once frequented by A-listers in the arts back in this cities’ heyday. By doing so, not only will you get a feel for the passion of French culture through its food, but you will also get a front row set to its non-stop parade of fabulous fashions that locals wear everyday as they walk the streets of their home city.

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