Orlando For Couples


On first thought, you could be forgiven for thinking Orlando, Florida is just an ocean of theme parks, adventure rides, and restaurants full of families with excited children. Most of the time, you would be right, however Orlando can also be a haven for couples looking to break away from their usual surroundings.

Not only is it one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Florida, but the wealth of attractions that are not theme-park related are steadily increasing too. There’s a reason why Florida is called the sunshine state, and Orlando is home to the majority of that great weather. Combine this with its fabulous beaches, fantastic marine life and exciting nightlife, and you’ve got the perfect couples retreat! Let’s take a look at some of the best things for couples to do in Orlando this summer.

Balloon Rides

When you’re thinking of activities to do with your loved one, balloon rides never really crop up do they. But they’re actually one of the most amazing activities to try out, especially if you’re holidaying in Orlando. The city of Orlando is a beautiful place, and to see it from the safety of a balloon will offer a view like no other. Although you might not be interesting in experience the theme park rides on your vacation, the sheer size of Universal Studios as well as Disney World and LEGOLAND are a sight to behold. With more than 30 years of experience, Captain Jeff Thompson will show you the Orlando landscape from his balloon, setting of at sunrise and flying high for 3 hours. Once you land, you’re even treated to breakfast!

Swim With Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins will certainly be high up on your bucket list, but if you’re holidaying in Orlando this summer you’ll be able to tick it off! Discovery Cove is one of the most famous and popular attractions couples can experience in Orlando, and located near SeaWorld, you’ll be able to have group or individual swimming sessions with a dolphin! If the prospect of Dolphins is enough for you then we advise you book your flight to Florida online to save your money for the Dolphins.

You can even become a trainer for the day, meaning you’ll get hands-on and up close with the dolphins, feeding them as well as learning how to communicate with these intelligent creatures.

A Trip to Grande Lakes Orlando

Grande Lakes Orlando is situated across 500 acres of spectacular Orlando landscape, and it is it certainly one of the best waterside complexes in the state. For couples who aren’t looking to travel far, and want all their needs at their fingertips, this is the place for you. Your choice of accommodation comes in the form of JW Marriott or Ritz-Carlton hotels, and there is a wonderful variety of luxury pools and spas.

Furthermore, you can explore Grande Lakes Orlando via horse and carriage, and get in your daily exercise at one of the many gyms, golf courses, and sports facilities on site. From gourmet restaurants to movie theatres, you really won’t have to lift a finger at Grande Lakes Orlando.

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