Relaxing Things To Do In Dublin, Ireland

On St Patty’s day, everyone in the world becomes an honorary Irishman. The Irish are one of the merriest of races in the entire world. Not only will you find people who are most welcoming and friendly, but you will also find yourself in the middle of one of the richest cultures in the world who are proud of the their heritage and their roots.

Dublin is full of pubs and you cannot visit Ireland without enjoy a good pint of ale. You’ll not be able to leave without a sample of some fine Irish whiskey as well. With an open mind and a kind heart, you’ll no doubt make friends in any Irish pub. The locals are more than happy to talk to visitors and tell you the history of their families, clans and city.

The Irish are a very proud race with a very rich culture. You should get a Guinness tour while you are there. Get a free sample of one of the world’s most famous beers. Did you know that some of the world’s finest golf courses are in Ireland? This is a great place to tee off for a round of this gentleman’s sport that originated in Scotland.

Biking, walking and hiking are popular here because the location is near the mountains and the scenery is awesome. Walking around the city will also give you fascinating looks at the architectural beauty of the old city and the rich history that is all around you. Still full of small shops, bakeries and book shops, you can find yourself enjoying window shopping for hours and hours.

There are 5-6 castles within a short trip of the city. Some of these historic landmarks are in remarkable condition. Taking a tour of the castles is something that you should take the time to do while you are there and it is very much worth paying for a professional tour that will bus you to the locations so that you can see them all.

The photos you’ll get from this trip will be amazing. Perhaps you will even see a ghost! Kiss the Blarney Stone while you are at Blarney Castle. This is a tradition for those who visit Ireland and is an absolute must. Someone will hold your feet so that you can lay on your back and bend into place and kiss the stone that will endow you with the famous Irish gift of gab.

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