Senior Friendly Exotic Destinations Around The Globe


You have always loved travel.  Through your adult life, you’ve done many trips.  When you were younger, you did the rite of passage trip to Europe when you were fresh out of university.  When you had a family, you took the kids across North America, camping in Banff, the Smoky Mountains and Yosemite National Park.  However, as you look back at the previous 30-40 years of travel mixed in with career obligations, you can’t help but think that you made your plans with a tendency to avoid the truly exotic destinations.  You know, the ones that have tantalizing beaches, inspiring mountains, and rare wildlife, but tempered with a touch of danger that always made you shy away from booking a trip to those places.

Now, as you pass into your golden years, you realize that if you don’t take advantage of the wealth of time that you now have, while your health is still relatively decent, the door on the chance to see these truly spicy destinations will close, and you will be faced with this regret for the remainder of your days.

But where to go? There are so many choices out there.  Let us aid you in choosing your first real adventure in a long time, as we highlight some senior friendly exotic destinations around the globe.

1) Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia – Located on the mysterious island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, this place is a great launching pad to many exotic experiences.  Sample some of the best food in the world on Jalan Gaya, as the culinary traditions of the Chinese, Malay, Indian, and the native people of Borneo mix to create some truly unforgettable concoctions!  Just offshore a few miles from Kota Kinabalu lies a series of islands that comprise Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park.  Escape to a relaxing beach and sunbathe your cares away, or go snorkelling for clownfish … who knows, maybe you’ll find Nemo!

2) Turkey – Not many people think of beaches when they think of Turkey, but this moderately Islamic country has some stunning specimens. Take a boat to Butterfly Valley, a previously secret beach that is hemmed in on two sides by massive cliffs (take sun protection, water and food, as there are no services here).  Inland, there are hot air balloon rides available in Cappadocia, which will give you a view of the unusual rock formations that people in times past have used as homes and churches.  This is a sight that will forever be seared in your mind, don’t miss it.

3) African Safari in South Africa – Combine the comforts of the most developed country in Africa, with close encounters with beautiful, but massive and deadly animals, and you have a recipe for a truly exotic vacation!  If you are nervous of organizing the details on your own, sign up with an international tour group that specializes in these vacations, and they will take care of all the legwork, while you enjoy seeing lions, tigers, rhinos, and elephants in their natural environment.

Once you get your first exotic vacation out of the way and realize that the world isn’t nearly as dangerous as you think it is, you’ll be actively exploring the world without fear of the boogeymen that your peers swear hide in every shadow overseas.  As such, you’ll have brag worthy stories to tell them as your reward, and a new confidence that aid your life in ways you never imagined before!

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