Senior Friendly Resorts In The Caribbean

Taking a Caribbean vacation is a lifelong dream for many people, some of who only finally get around to it in their golden years. There are plenty of hotels and resorts to consider, but not all of them are created equal. It’s important for older vacationers to choose from senior friendly resorts to ensure that their needs will be met. Unfortunately, resorts and hotels don’t always take seniors into consideration when planning hotel room, building, and restaurant layouts. Consider an all-inclusive resort that keeps the unique needs of their senior guests in mind.

Because walking long distances or up and down stairs can be difficult as we age, hotels and resorts with first floor rooms or elevators are good to look for. Resorts that are trying to appeal to a family or young couple crowd won’t necessarily offer activities that appeal to seniors; hotels and packages including tennis, golf, and bicycling may be appealing to older guests. Spas, fine dining, and relaxing beaches are more desirable than all you can drink alcohol packages or a noisy nightlife.

An adults-only resort, rather than a family-oriented resort, is likely a better match for most senior vacationers. Not only can it keep noise and crowding levels down during peak activity hours, it will also affect activities, dining choices, and the types of outings the resort is likely to offer. These resorts are more likely to include fine dining restaurants, spas and saunas, gyms, and even casinos. Any activities or outings will be attended by an adult-only crowd, making them more relaxing events for seniors looking to enjoy their adventures.

The Caribbean offers miles of gorgeous coastlines and beautiful scenery. Senior friendly resorts are likely to offer options to explore these natural wonders with glass-bottom boat tours, local cultural outings, or tours of parks or nature in the area. Exploring these beautiful islands without the necessity of walking long distances is just thing for travelers who may have joint problems or tire quickly.

Not every hotel or all inclusive resort will turn out to be a senior friendly resorts so be sure to ask plenty of questions of your travel agent or the hotel staff before making a choice. Learning about accommodations, dining options, outings or tours, and accessibility for the handicapped can give any traveler a good idea of whether or not the resort will be a good match for their vacation preferences and lifestyle.

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