Senior Travel locations in The North of England

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Senior Friendly locations to visit in the North of England

Being a senior does not mean that you have to be limited to your activities and your travel, especially in the UK. There are a great many places to see and events which you can do which are catered to the more seasoned individual. From architecture to activities, you can find something in the North of England which will fit your personality. Here are a few travel locations in North England which are senior friendly.

Liverpool Cathedral

One of the activities which is available throughout the UK is cathedral tours. Where there are hundreds you can choose from depending on your destination, the Liverpool Cathedral is an exceptional choice. It is not a historical cathedral by any means (as it was completed in 1978), but it is a unique and grand scale place. The building was started at the beginning of the 20th century and has gone through both of the world wars. It is largest cathedral in the UK and one of the largest cathedrals in the world.

If you are looking to visit the Liverpool Cathedral, there are several options which are available. You can take a traditional tour, a tower tour, eat at the cathedral, or just come and listen to the music from the organ or the choir. Attraction tickets are £4.50 for Concession tickets and £5.50 for standard tickets. Of course, if you chose to eat at the cathedral you should bring additional funds.

Opera North Grand Theatre

Getting away from the modern theatre and embracing the traditional opera experience, the Opera North Grand Theatre brings the traditional Chorus and Orchestra experience to Leeds. The Opera house was founded in 1978 and delivers such performances as Jemifa, the barber of Seville, and Andrea Chenier. Apart from the Opera performances, the theatre also offers a wide selection of Orchestral performances throughout the year under the Orchestra Director Phil Boughton and Orchestra Manager Helen Wilson. The Opera North Grand Theatre also offers jazz performances, musicals, modern theatre, and events throughout the year.

There are four main locations in which you can visit the Opera North Grand Theatre. These are Leeds Grand Theatre, Theatre Royal in Newcastle, The Lowry in Salford Quays, and Theatre Royal in Nottingham. Check the location and the times for shows and prices as each venue is different and based upon availability as well as the seating section preferred.

Virgin Balloon flight

Just because you are a senior citizen does not mean that you are not adventurous or romantic. One way in which you can embrace both the romantic side as well as the adventurous side of living is with a virgin balloon flight. There are a great many locations throughout the UK and so you can find a location which is not too far of a drive (or a train ride if you want to enjoy the countryside in a leisurely manner). What I like about the balloon flights is that there is a diversity in what you can see and experience. For example: if you want to share that romantic sunrise, they have a package that does that. If you want to be able to choose your location at a different time you can book a 7 day anytime puls package which allows you to fly any day from any of the launch sites in the North UK.

Tours range from an hour to several hours depending upon the package that you chose. The price is bit on the high side with prices starting at £102 per person and you must book in advance. There are stipulations as to who is allowed to experience a balloon flight. Please review the website or call the company directly if you have any inquires.

The Vienna Coffee House of Manchester

If you prefer to just have an afternoon tea and some peace and quiet while enjoying the atmosphere of luxury, then the Vienna Coffee House is a great location to visit. You will need to book in advance, but such booking is free if done online. Cost for afternoon tea ranges from £13 and up depending upon the tea and compliments chosen.

These are but a few of the places which seniors can visit in North England and all are easily accessible by rail and road. Train tickets in the North of England are available from Northern Rail. There are other options which should be explored as well such as the casinos, community centres, various museums’, gardens, golf resorts, and boat and steam train tours. The north UK is full of opportunities which will fit your personality and your budget if you only go and explore the options available. Ensure that when you inquire on any event that you ask about special or discounted pricing for senior citizens. Many venues (such as the railway system) offer discounts and seasonal discounts for seniors.

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