The Finest Golf Experiences in Queensland, Australia


Australia, a modern, first world country known the world over for its sun-kissed shores and vast expanses of nature, is a prime destination for those seeking a break from dour weather.  If you happen to be an avid golfer as well, you’ll want to stop what you are doing and read this article.

The subject of this blog today is to profile many of the stunning golf courses you can find in Australia’s tropical northern state, Queensland.  While the average temperature year-round in South Australia is enviable compared to what western countries in the Northern hemisphere have to deal with, it still gets chilly in the Sydney/Melbourne area during the Southern winter months.

As a result, we will be focusing on courses in Queensland, most of which is near or above the Tropic of Capricorn, granting this area blessedly warm weather year-round.  Come along with us in spirit as we explore the very best golf to be had in Australia’s tropical northeast, and don’t forget to pack your clubs!

1) Paradise Palms, Palm Cove, near Cairns – With the McAllister mountain range flanking this course, the most difficult task you’ll have all round is keeping your eye on the ball when it’s your turn to shoot.  This isn’t meant to make the course seem easy apart from the scenery, as there are a plethora of hazards waiting to send your score shooting into the stratosphere – 94 bunkers, lakes and numerous creeks await an errant stroke from either you or your friends.

2) Brookwater Golf and Country Club, Brookwater, near Ipswich – Looking for a course designed by PGA tour legend? Greg Norman designed this critically acclaimed beauty, located within a comfortable drive of Ipswich and Brisbane.  This course features long and straight fairways that are a dream for those who are skilled at the “grip it and rip it” style of play.  The fairways are very tight however, so any hooks or slices in your drive will be punished by a trip to the thick rough or an inconveniently placed bunker.

3) Links Hope Island, Hope Island, between Brisbane and Surfer’s Paradise – Are you a fan of links-style golf? Some of the best links golf in Australia can be had at Links Hope Island, where the attention to detail in the course design and the natural beauty of the nearby ocean will have you spellbound.  Do try to snap out of your stupor though, as these holes are built to challenge every aspect of your game.  Beware the 17th hole Par 3, as it can be one of the hardest holes of golf that you will ever play when its windy!

Queensland, being a tropical paradise in the midst of a wealthy first world nation, is dotted with quality golfing options that can make it difficult to choose where to tee off first.  Hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas of where to best spend your valuable time and money having a world-class golf vacation in Queensland, Australia.    

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