The Ghan: A Journey Through The Red Heart of Australia


For many, Australia is an exotic travel destination that they spend their lifetimes saving and planning for, a mystical land filled with red rocks, koala bears, and charming folk that speak with a quaint accent. Once you have reached retirement age, you have the money part down pat, but then comes the tricky part: what exactly will you do when you touch down in the Land Down Under?

There are a million and one things you could do, but generally, it helps to take stock of your personal likes and interests, and tailor an itinerary in accordance with them.  In your particular case, you have always enjoyed a train journey, dating well back to your childhood.  The scenery rolling back the window, being removed from the trappings of a busy roadway with its distractions and its stop and go nature, all while reclining in a comfortable chair is what you relish.

If scenic rail trips are what you crave, then taking the Ghan from the temperate south in Adelaide to the tropical north in Darwin would be straight up your alley, a paradise accessed by crossing straight through the red heart of the continent, where Ayers Rock, known as Uluru these days, is situated. Ready to go on the rail journey of a lifetime?  Let’s talk about the nuts and bolts so that this trip can become a reality!

Get Your Tickets

In order to get your tickets bought and confirmed for this incredible quest, there are several ways to go about it. Great Southern Rail, the company that runs this service, books tickets on the net through its website.  For those not comfortable with conducting transactions online, you can also phone them, or swing by their ticket office in Adelaide off Sir Donald Bradman Drive, or in Darwin on Berrimah Road.


As you roll through the rusty landscape of Australia’s interior, you will be party to views that will make the expense of taking this trip immediately worth it. Scrubby Outback plants and crimson cliffs will eventually give way to the expansive tropical wetlands of the most upper reaches of the Northern Territory.

In addition to this, those that purchase a Platinum or Gold Service ticket have access to off-train excursions when in places like Alice Springs, giving you a real sense of life in the Outback, an experience that simply can’t be grasped from then other side of the train window.

Travel And Arrive In Style

For those purchasing the top-tier package as mentioned above, rolling across the Central Australian countryside will be a posh experience. You will be served delectable meals conceived and created in accordance with what is in season, and the sleeper cabins come with a selection of music and complimentary tea and coffee throughout the journey.

Your Iron Steed Is Ready

With over 80 years of experience running this route for domestic and foreign travelers, the men and women behind the Ghan have a firm grasp on providing a customer service experience that matches the timeless scenery of this trip perfectly.  With Australia getting more expensive with each passing year, there will never be a better time to discover this alluring country!

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