Things For Seniors to do in Vienna, Austria

Anyone, regardless of age, must sample plenty of foods while visiting Vienna. In particular, one must try the baked delicacies. Viennese coffee, cakes and samplings of the cheeses that the area is known for should be high on your list of things to do. The traditional coffees of Vienna are very dark and woody. Truly a luxurious experience to enjoy this coffee.

If you are a lover of fine wines, then certainly try the samplings of wonderful wines that are made in the local area. Many of the local hotels, restaurants and bars will offer samplings of the area’s local wines. Vienna is a large city with a very large wine industry, with many hectares of land dedicated to vineyards.

Vienna has been home to some of the world’s finest artists, musicians and composers. This area of the world is considered to be one of the most cultural and inspirational places to visit. Local museums will show you the rich cultural history of the city’s European heritage.

Visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral and bear witness to some of the most gorgeous architecture in the world’s history. This is an example of Gothic architecture at it’s finest. If you can manage to get inside the church and into the highest towers, you can see amazing views of Vienna spread out before you.

There are wondrous city parks, the parliament building, the Natural History museum and more. A walking tour of the city can be taken by guide or on your own. You will definitely need more than one day to take in all the city has to offer. Visit the famous Burgtheater.

During your stay, if you have accommodations where you can cook for yourself, be sure to visit any of the city’s open markets. Fresh foods are available that you can take home and prepare your own dishes with food grown locally and naturally. If you choose this option, be sure to shop on days other than Sundays. It is very difficult to find things open on Sundays in this historic city.

Vienna is not as expensive as some other European capitol cities. While it is a popular destination, it is not as touristy as some other cities. Therefore, deals on hotels and transportation can still be had. Hotels in this city are not nearly as expensive as you would find in Paris, for example. Still, this is considered a wonderfully romantic city and has much to offer.

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