Things to do in Los Angeles California for Seniors


There are a lot of fun and exciting things to do in Los Angeles, California. Many of the attractions seem to be geared toward younger people looking for a wild night on the town, but there are a lot of other attractions that many seniors would love to attend.

When you think of Los Angeles you might think of Disney Land, but there is more to do than just ride the rides. There is a lot of shopping to be done. As a senior in Los Angeles you might find yourself wanting to shop for yourself and family members at some of the stores that you may not have in your home town. To complete all of your shopping needs and wants you might want to take a little trip to City Walk. This is an outdoor mall that is really fun to shop in.

There are a lot of different stores to shop at making this a day trip if you are an avid shopper.  If you are a true shopper and have the cash to spend you should take a look at Rodeo Drive. Only the most expensive stores are on this road so you may not want to take the trip if you don’t have the money, but it is always fun to be pampered for the day as you shop and spend money to look and feel good.

Another great senior activity to do in Los Angeles is to go take pictures with the hand and foot prints of the stars. All of these are located on Hollywood Boulevard at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater. This is a really fun site to see. Many watch the celebrities put their hands in the cement on TV, but they have never seen the stars hand and feet prints up close.

If you are one to go to museums you might want to take a look at the Nethercutt Museum. This is a great museum that showcases cars from the 1910s to the 1930s. This would be a really great museum for anyone, but especially the seniors. These cars are a part of history that is truly interesting. The cars are taken great care of and many still have some of their original parts. The part of the museum that show cases the cars is interesting and gun, but there are other parts of the museum that showcases timepieces, dolls, furniture, and other collections from the past to look at and reminisce.

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