Things to Do in Victoria, Canada for Seniors

As a senior you normally plan a vacation to ensure relaxation and not too many hikes and strenuous activities. You have worked hard all your life and you deserve to relax and enjoy yourself. It is for this reason that Victoria, Canada is a great location to visit and enjoy. There are a lot of different activities, restaurants, and shopping experiences to be had.

If you love to look at the water and you do not get sea sick there are a lot of great activities to do on or near the ocean. If you are up for a nice leisurely stroll you can take a walk along the causeway that runs along the inner harbor. The causeway is a great place to take a walk, where people are enticed to perform for the crowds. If you are lucky you will get to see a show as you take your walk.

If you are not one for walking you can always take a relaxing day cruise on the ocean.  There are a lot of different boats that offer whale watching expositions. This is a wonderful way to spend a vacation day. The whales are beautiful creatures and the activity allows you to sit and relax as you watch the animals frolic in the open ocean. Many of the cruises are an all day event, which means that you should be having a wonderful lunch or dinner with your significant other. Can you think of a more romantic way to spend the day?

The Pacific Northwest has a very unique and eclectic style when it comes to its food. When on vacation you should really experience the unique foods of the area to truly get a feel of the culture of the area. One of the best parts of Victoria, Canada is its fresh ingredients. There are lots of farms in the area meaning that much of the produce used in the cuisine is local from the area. The fresh produce is just part of what makes the food taste so delicious. The seafood, salmon and shellfish being most popular, is also fresh. These types of seafood are what you could call a mainstay of the West Coast foods.

Food and sightseeing are not the only low energy things to do in Victoria, Canada. Shopping is another great leisurely thing to do while on vacation. There are a lot of great little shops and stores that you can purchase little keepsakes and souvenirs to take home.

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