Top attractions in Bulgaria

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Thinking about heading to Europe on holiday this summer? While many parts of Western Europe have gotten prohibitively expensive in recent decades, other parts of the continent have remained blessedly cheap, making the Old World very much in play for those of fixed incomes.

Of all the nations in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria has been attracting a lot of attention recently for its cultural, natural, and resort destinations. What are the top attractions in Bulgaria for senior travelers? Its hard to go wrong with the following spots…

1) Rila Monastery

Above all else, make sure your Bulgarian itinerary includes a visit to the Rila Monastery, as it is one of this nation’s most unique religious landmarks. An Eastern Orthodox institution tucked away in the Rila Mountains, it is well known for its striped arches and its elaborate frescoes, which can be found on the interior and the exterior of this tourist attraction. This place is so highly regarded by Bulgarians that it is depicted on the back of the 1 lev note, so don’t forget to check it out before you head home.

2) Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Ranking as one of the world’s largest Eastern Orthodox churches, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a highlight of the Bulgarian capital of Sofia that you can’t afford to miss. Having an official capacity of 10,000 people, this landmark will take a while to explore properly, so give yourself at least an hour and a half to appreciate all the mosaics, arches and the copper domes that this Neo-Byzantine masterpiece has to offer.

3) Belogradchik Rocks

In Bulgaria’s northwest, a geological formation known as the Belogradchik Rocks is worth checking out if your itinerary has you traveling close by in the region. Rising as high as 200 metres from the surrounding landscape, these red and yellow formations are interesting enough on their own, but combined with the views they grant of the surrounding towns and mountains, it is worthy enough for even those less enthusiastic about geology to visit, as they can appreciate them for their beauty alone.

4) Sunny Beach

If all the cultural tourism and tramping around in Bulgaria’s interior has you craving a break from the heat of midsummer, then a trip to Sunny Beach will cool you off in short order. Located along Bulgaria’s frontage on the Black Sea, this full service holiday destination will contain all the restaurants, lounges, and picture perfect sandy beach you’ll need to unwind and enjoy a relaxing end to your Bulgarian holiday.

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