Top breakfast spots in the USA

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In a nation known for some of the world’s best comfort food dishes, it should come as no surprise that it also hosts of the planet’s best breakfast joints. Which places could rightly be considered to be among the top breakfast spots in the USA? The establishments below certainly rate to be among the top tier in the nation, let alone the cities in which they reside.

1) John O’Groats, Los Angeles, California

Wake up earlier than most people you know? If so, going to breakfast at John O’Groats is something you must do when visiting the Los Angeles area. Getting here before 7 am will ensure that you are near the front of the line when this popular diner opens its doors, but if you have to wait a while, no worries: the owner has a pot of coffee ready for those waiting to get a table.

With a wide slate of options ranging from classics like pancakes and eggs to vegan friendly fare, you will be spoiled for choice here. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss, it’s ordering one of this restaurant’s regionally famous biscuits, as they come in ten different varieties, with sweet and savoury options available.

2) Ann Sather, Chicago, Illinois

Bringing the finest in Swedish breakfast specialties to the Windy City, Ann Sather’s commitment to hearty meals have locals and tourists alike coming back for repeated visits. While the Swedish pancakes with lingonberries are a favourite of many, be sure to buy one of their divine cinnamon buns on the way out, as it is one of their best selling items for those looking for a quick nosh on the way to the office. With four locations across the Chicagoland area, finding an Ann Sather outlet should be an easy task during your visit to America’s Second City.

3) Katz’s Deli, New York City, New York

In a city known for quality delicatessens, few are better at breakfast than Katz’s. Most NYC cabbies know of the place on a first name basis, which is a good sign that the meal you are about to get with be one of the better morning meals that you will have on your travels.

The battle-hardened staff may appear on the salty side, but don’t let it put you off – the omelets and bagels here will be well worth any attitude you encounter. Make life easy for both of you by memorizing what you want as you progress through the line you will likely encounter, and your experience at Katz’s will be one that you will be raving about to your family on your return home.

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