Discovering Vancouver’s Finest Restaurants


Ever since its founding little more than a century ago, Vancouver has attracted newcomers from far and wide year in and year out from Europe, Asia, and across North America. Attracted here by the cities’ stunning beauty and the opportunity that comes from living in such a perpetually growing metropolis, these folks brought their culture with them, and inevitably, some of them decided to express it by opening a restaurant.

Today, from downtown to Chinatown, from Richmond to the North Shore, one can seldom go for a healthy walk and not run into a quality eatery almost anywhere in this place. For those that identify as avid foodies, this makes for some amazing gastronomic tourism of the best kind.

While you will certainly find some incredible meals on your own by doing what we just suggested, the following restaurants are sure bets that you won’t want to miss on your quest for Vancouver’s finest restaurants.

Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill & Enoteca

Those that live for a sumptuous meal of Italian food on their holiday will not want to let their trip to Vancouver go by without dropping by Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill for a fabulous meal. The standard pasta dishes won’t disappoint, while their take on the local seafood will have you emoting audible moans of pleasure while you slowly consume the edible work of art on your plate. The wine list here is as deep as the Pacific, and matching abilities of their sommeliers rank admirably among the very best in this modern metropolis.

Dynasty Seafood

If seafood and Chinese are both passions of yours, then you will be able to indulge in both by sitting down at Dynasty Seafood for an exquisite evening of amazing food from the Far East. While some Chinese restaurants struggle in the customer service department at times, the staff here are well-trained to attend to your every need.

However, with a track record that includes some of the best crab dishes in the city, along with plenty of delectable turf dishes for any land-lubber in your party, we think you’ll be too busy enjoying your meal to register any complaints.

The Farmer’s Apprentice

If fine dining is simply too formal for your tastes, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to settle for second-rate food in Vancouver. The Farmer’s Apprentice, a causal dining restaurant that focuses on serving innovative dishes in an unpretentious environment. From foie gras to risotto, fish tacos to octopus, all dishes will intrigue your taste buds, but what will puzzle your even more is how such an avant garde experience will only leave you on average $15 poorer per dish … in such an expensive city, it is certainly a refreshing experience to have!

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